1. Bookings
  • Bookings should be made only for genuine reservations. We reserve the right to cancel bookings which appear to have been made to block or hold spaces.
  • It is your responsibility to check all special conditions of the bookings.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all information in the bookings is correct.
  • You will be liable for any charges incurred due to incorrect information given on the booking.
  • Voucher should be issued and given to the traveller at all times. Any voucher manually issued from your side will be your responsibility. Travel Trick should be notified Prior to arrival if travellers are not carrying any voucher otherwise, Travel Trick will not be responsible for any inconvenience/charges caused to the travellers because of not having the voucher.
  • All booking amendments are subjected to the amendment policy stated on the booking if there is any otherwise, it will follow the same deadlines & charges of the cancellation condition.
  • Any requests such as early check in, late check-out, high floors, adjoining, interconnecting, non-smoking and others alike will be requested to the hotel but, cannot be guaranteed.
  • Bedding type should be requested at the time of booking and is subjected to hotel’s availability.
  • If a triple room is booked, the extra bed provided by the hotel is commonly a roll-away bed.
  • When you wish to extend your booking, please email about the extension.
  • It is your responsibility to add and train ‘agents’ or users under your account and to monitor all their bookings. You will be responsible for all payments due on such bookings.
  • In the occasion where hotel is under renovation, all possible steps will be taken to limit disruptions to the guests. If the hotel is carrying out renovation while guests are in-house, this will not entitle you to any refunds.
  • We guarantee only the first night of the booking. Hotels may release the rooms after midnight on the day of arrival. If your guests are arriving late, it is your responsibility to inform us via remarks, email or contact the emergency number for last minutes changes, so we can advise the hotel to hold the rooms.
  • Double bookings may results in both bookings being charged.
  • Most hotels request for a credit card/cash to be given at the time of check in as guarantee for any extras which they will refund upon check out. Travel Trick is not responsible for the extras incurred by the guests.
  1. Payments and invoices
  • For Prepayment Customers – All Prepayment bookings which falls outside of the cancellation policy should be paid in full at the time of booking confirmation, failure to pay the full amount over the phone through our Paypal portal or Bank transfers will result in non-confirmation of bookings.
  • Prepayment bookings which is within the cancellation policy can be booked without any payment at the time of booking subject to the following conditions
  • a. All prepaymment bookings should be reconfirmed by the agent 7 days prior to check in otherwise booking will be automatically cancelled.
  • b. Payment should be made 48 hours before the cancellation policy is applied.
  • For Credit booking – All bookings’ invoices will be issued on the booking’s arrival date. Payment is due as per the number of days specified in your Agency Agreement.
  • Any invoice queries should be raised no later than 15days after the arrival date.
  • We reserve the right to suspend/block your system access, cancel all future bookings and/or terminate the contract if payments are not made as per the agreed period or deadline.



  1. Rates
  • The rates or prices at the time of booking confirmation will always prevail and your invoices will be raised according to this
  • Hotels may offer special walk in rates from time to time according to their occupancy. On this occasion, we will not be entertaining any rate complaints if their published rate goes lower than TRAVEL TRICK rates.
  • Any amendment done on a booking confirmed on a special rate, minimum/long-stay promotions may incur rate change. This is also applicable to no-shows.


  1. Cancellations/Refunds
  • All booking cancellations are subjected to the cancellation conditions of the booking.
  • Any booking cancellations which incur a refund, Travel Trick would either issue a credit note and the booking amount will be used for other bookings and if the customer request money back, we will credit the amount back using our preferred payment method deducting any bank fee levied by the bank.
  1. Book Outs
  • In situations where hotel is required to close due to reasons such as overbooking, system errors, government taking over the hotel/property for their use and other force majeure, TRAVEL TRICK will work along the hotel to find a suitable alternative accommodation for your guests. TRAVEL TRICK will try to offer alternative of the same category and location, whenever possible. You will be invoiced as per the hotel already confirmed.
  1. Complaints
  • Any booking complaints should be raised no later than 15days after departure date.
  • All complaints should be supported with proofs. Any unsupported complaints will not be entertained.
  • Guests should be aware of the meeting point stated on the voucher and call the emergency number written on the voucher if they cannot locate the driver at the meeting point.
  1. Privacy Policy
  • We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.